Monday, December 9, 2013

Home cooked "healthier" nasi lemak

Ladies and gentleman ,

Presenting to you, nasi lemak, a fragrant coconut milk rice dish served with cucumber, anchovies, peanuts and sambal(chilli paste) . Popular dish in Malaysia and Singapore, but strangely having my whole family and especially my bf being the No.1 fan of nasi lemak ,I am not a fan of nasi lemak( or maybe I am too because I eat nasi lemak during recess time the whole of my high school life but I stop being a fan when I gain weight from eating anything and everything 😭#afterpubertypain . In fact I think I haven't had any nasi lemak for almost 3 years after a levels . 

But now , when I am thousand miles away from land of nasi lemak , I miss nasi lemak . 

Proud to say it taste good and oh my so much better than the one I had at the last "Malaysian restaurant" I visited . Cooked the coconut rice with coconut oil for a healthier but equally fragrant version , roasted chickpeas to substitute peanuts(I avoid peanuts for the sake of my skin,roasted chickpeas taste so much better anyway) , vegetarian anchovies all the way from Malaysian and lettuce instead of cucumber because we can't find our cucumber .

Satisfying big meal . Hopefully it's not too cold tomorrow so I can go for a run after eating so much today . =| 

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